October 23, 2007

Worlds Smallest Mini Micro Bikini

We've posted lots of sexy, tiny, mini micro bikinis here but this is without a doubt the tiniest mini microbikini of them all. This bikini makes Wicked Weasels look like granny panties :)

What you get is a set of nipple cover to stick to your nipples and a triangle of cloth to stick to your crotch. This is also the ultimate One-Size-Fits all bikini as you can see in the pictures of the two sexy women wearing it. Big boobs or small you get the same coverage without any tight or loose straps.

According to the seller, the adhesive keeps your pasties and crotch cover on all day for hours of fun in and out of the water. But with a mini micro bikini this small who would even notice if it fell off ;)

More information and a more pasties pictures here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The thong is photoshopped, they cut off the top...