October 8, 2007

Tiny C-String Thong Mini Micro Bikini

extreme c-string mini micro bikini

You might think mini micro bikinis couldn't get any smaller. And you'd be wrong. These pictures show what a little imagination can do to make even the skimpiest bikini even smaller.

The C-StringThong is nicknamed "Invisible Underwear" You can wear it under the sheerest clothes and there won't be any panty lines. Or, like you see in the pictures here, you can wear these tiny thongs as a microbikini bottom for a bit of cover with minimal tan lines.

The c-string has an internal frame that hugs your body to keep it securely in place. Which is a good thing since you wouldn't want your panties falling on the floor after you squat down to pick up loose change ;)

See more styles of these tiny C-String panties here.

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