December 30, 2007

Sluty Slingshot Mini Micro Bikini - betterthanstore

Busty Brunette Bears Almost All in this Mini Micro Slingshot Bikini

This slingshot style mini micro bikini is not for shy girls. The one piece of material that makes up this skimpy bathing suit is split down the middle to allow her to get in it. The straps loop over her shoulders and offer minimal coverage to her boobs on the way down. And because the straps in the front rest on her breasts the bikini becomes more revealing the bigger her boobs are. No running in this bikini regardless of the size of her chest though or she'll definitely get some nipple slip issues.

The straps continue down in a "V" shape until just above the crotch where they join together for the short trip between her legs to come out the back and split again just above her butt. then it's back up and over her shoulders.

If you want a sexy unique look that stands out at the beach then a sexy mini micro slingshot bikini is it.

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